Dress Code 101: How To Accessorize A Blazer

It’s been common knowledge for all women in any part of the world that a little black dress is one of the “necessities” that any female should have in her closet. Whether you are a psychologist or florist, for instance, you can wear it on any occasion. You may not need a dress for different events because it can work for casual parties, galas, and even corporate gatherings. If push comes to shove, you can wear a little black dress to meet your clients.

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What most career women do not know, however, is that LBD is not the only must-have apparel out them. You can also make good use of a blazer. After all, this type of coat is not only for guys or for formal parties anymore. Like a little black dress, you can put it on regardless of the occasion without receiving weird glances from the people around you.

Another great thing about blazers is that it doesn’t matter if you have just one or two. Some females tend to stay away from this piece of clothing because: 1) they are afraid of others thinking they only wear the same thing, and 2) they do not want to always spend on blazers. The truth, though, is that you merely need to have a creative mind to be able to accessorize your blazer so that it will fit for a particular occasion.

In case you are unsure of how to do that, here are some tips for you to consider.

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1. Choose Between Boyfriend Or Short Fitted Blazer

A boyfriend blazer is what’s gaining popularity among female consumers right now. The reason is that the women who dress in one give out the impression that she has snagged it from her boyfriend and just donned it without much thinking of how she’ll look like. Thus, it makes them look sweet, chic, and free without being too obvious about the fact that they have genuinely thought about the outfit.

For the ladies in the corporate world, Mother.ly suggests a short fitted blazer tends to work best as it exudes elegance and power without making you look too bland. This kind will allow other people to think that you are not one to mess within the industry and that you are as sharp as your clothing style. Because of that, you may garner immediate respect.

2. Wear A Belt

Aside from those two types of blazers mentioned above, women of any age can wear a blazer that has a belt in the middle section. This one is not much different from a short fitted blazer, although it is more of daywear than nightwear.

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A belted blazer can help you decide on your office clothes faster than ever, no matter what the season may be. For one, you can wear it over a dress and get a slimming effect. Your jumpsuit or flared pants will seem classy with this coat as well. Even when you go on a holiday in the summer, you may layer it over your shorts.

3. Make Sure You Look Feminine

Before you add more spice to your chosen type of blazer, please do keep in mind that you’re wearing apparel that’s supposed to be intended for a man. However, you are still a woman, so you have to let your femininity outshine the masculinity of this clothing.

The boyfriend blazer is the easiest to accessorize to get this effect because of its loose style. Since the opposite of loose is fit, you can wear any clothes underneath it that hug your natural curves. It can be a fitted casual shirt, a bodycon dress, or skintight jeans, and it will still look chic with the blazer. Long-chained necklaces, scarves, and bangles can complement your style as well.

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A short fitted blazer, on the other hand, is more on the sophisticated and somewhat conservative side, so pants and not-so-short skirts and dresses will look good with it. You can pair it with pearls, too.

Meanwhile, it’s safe to say that a belted blazer is for those who are aiming for a piercing look, based on the idea that it can only be worn with fitted skirts and pants and not with shirts that have longer hems than it.

4. Style Your Hair Well

The hairstyle depends on how you want to look like in front of your colleagues or clients. If you go with an updo, for instance, you may give off the strict or powerful vibe. When you allow your hair down, others may sense your sassiness and uncomplicatedness.


Final Thoughts

Generally, a blazer can make a difference in how people will perceive you as. So, choose the right blazer and style it with the tips above in mind. Good luck!

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