How To Dress For A Job Interview – Therapist Says You Can Make Them Hire You!


Research suggests that interview decisions often come down to attractiveness and perceived similarity to the interviewer. Job seekers often focus on prestige or the material benefits of working for a certain employer. — Amy Armstrong, MS, NCC, MCC, LPC

Have you been confused as to what kind of job interview outfit you need to wear? Are you intimidated and insecure when you wear a suit or something more casual, and it looks inappropriate for the job you are applying to? Do not worry anymore. This article with tips from coaches and a therapist will help you choose the right kind of job interview outfit for every job description, and you won’t have to get stressed with planning for your outfit anymore. Make them hire you!

Dressing For A Professional Job Interview

For a more professional interview, you need to look the part. For men, a suit jacket, slacks, and a shirt and tie could be your go-to outfit. For women, you could wear a blouse and dress pants or a statement dress.

Dressing For A Casual Business Type Of Job Interview

For something more business casual, you can wear any casual attire and step it up a little and make yourself look more polished. Never wear shorts, t-shirts, or sandals for an interview even if it is for an informal kind of working environment.

Dressing For A Casual Interview

This may be an interview for a startup company, and you can wear an upgraded casual attire like khakis that are well fitted, dark washed jeans, a cute top, and shoes. Don’t go too much formal.

Women don’t get the same free pass that men do when it comes to dressing for work, and every female administrator I’ve ever met is aware of this. Sadly, this awareness doesn’t always lead to fabulous fashion choices. — Gina Barreca Ph.D.


How To Fix Your Hair For A Job Interview

This is a problem for most women. One key point to remember is that your hairstyle must not distract your employer, and even if your hair is down, you still need to look polished and professional. If you want your hair up, try doing a ponytail instead of a messy bun.

How To Do Your Makeup For An Interview

Just like your hair, your makeup should distract your interviewer. Opt for a light makeup that will highlight your features yet still look natural and polished.

Dressing For A College Job Interview

It might be for a college job or an internship, but you still need to look professional. Even though you are still a college student, you need to look polished for the interviewer. Nothing too casual and a little bit of formal wear will do the trick.

Dressing For A High School Job Interview

If you are still in high school and are looking to find a part-time job, you need to wear polished and well put together clothes so your interviewer could see that you are very serious with the thing that you are doing.

Dressing For Your Internship

Internships are the first step in your career development, and whether you are interviewed for a more casual or formal place, you need to look the part. Most companies will give you an idea of what type of company they are, so pay attention and look professional in that interview.

Dressing For A Summer Job Interview

Though this may be a casual interview, you still need to look polished. Always avoid wearing too casual clothes like t-shirts and shorts, so you still look put together even for a summer job interview.

Dressing For A Hot Weather

Suits can be a bit hot especially during warm weather, but the good thing is that there is formal wear like dress pants and suits that are made from lightweight material so you can still look professional even on a hot day.

How To Wear Your Accessories

In an interview, it is okay to wear accessories but be sure that these will enhance your entire outfit, not overwhelm it. Opt for small accessories and simple ones. Less is more, so do not overdo it.

How About Pantyhose?

The best option is to wear pantyhose when you are wearing a skirt or a dress. You could use skin tone colored pantyhose depending on your outfit. There is still some debate over this, so it is up to you if you feel comfortable enough not to wear one.


Dressing For Men

Dressing men for an interview can get confusing. Should they wear a tie or not? Do they need to wear a suit or is a button down enough? It all depends on the type of company you are going to. If it says formal, it is safe to wear a suit and tie with slacks, if a bit more business attire, men can wear a button-down shirt with dark washed jeans or even khakis. Just know the company so you can prepare.

What Not To Wear For An Interview

Your first impression matters that’s why your interview outfit needs to scream professional. Wearing a sleeveless top or a tank top will look unpolished. Wearing ripped jeans or acid washed jeans will look like you’re going for a stroll.

People who are conscientious nail down the details, beat deadlines, and get the job done. While there are various ways to demonstrate conscientiousness in your interview, it’s the prep work that really can display this trait. — Glenn Geher Ph.D.

Make sure that your whole outfit fits you perfectly and matches the company you are applying to. Also, wear a smile and confidence, and for sure, you will leave a good impression.

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