Family Values Have Shaped Me


Our family is the first group of people who teach us what we need to know. Our parents teach us to walk and our siblings teach us to have fun. We are who we are because of how our family has molded us as we grow older and we learn from their experiences as life goes on. Generally, it is through them that we learn about the good and the bad, the need, and the want.

According to psychology, our opinions and beliefs are influenced by the people closest to us like our family, for example. This is because we hear these things first-hand from them and we formulate our own opinions and beliefs around what they think and believe in. So, good or bad, our family has more influence on us than we would like to think. Maybe, like me, you chose your degree based on what your parents wanted or on what they were doing. Maybe you chose where to go to college based on where your brothers and sisters went to. Maybe your attitude towards work is also based on how your parents had pushed you.


Growing up in an Asian household, I had a lot of pressure to do well in school and at work. I always had to be on top because this cousin or that cousin was doing this and that. I was never one to quit because my family had instilled in me the value of working hard. At the age of 9, I was taking odd jobs like watching my cousin’s store or writing articles for my mom. So, at an early age, I had an idea of how I should be acting when it came to work. This was the best thing that my family had taught me because at the age of 20, working in my first company, I had gotten my first promotion after six days of working for that company.

Talking about the mental health of young professionals, of course, working smarter, not harder had done its job for me but I would not have learned that if my family had not done their part in pushing me harder and harder every time I reached my limit. I learned how to deal with people, how to be professional, how to approach work with a positive attitude, and more firsthand from my own family.


Eventually, my mom had sat me down and asked me to take over two of her businesses. I was hesitant to accept because I knew she had worked extra hard for those two businesses and as her daughter, I never wanted to disappoint her. I declined to take over but, being my mother and knowing that I was shying away from a big opportunity, she had struck a deal with me. I had to organize this one event for her all on my own and if I succeed, she would turn the business over to me. I had accepted the challenge and there I was a few months shy of my college graduation planning and organizing a peace assembly with 300 delegates and over 20 political guests. It was all so overwhelming, I had a few breakdowns but eventually, the event had passed and everything went as smoothly as hoped.

So, at the age of 21, I had organized big events like the assembly and even a concert. I had enjoyed the experience and I found where I was happy and passionate in but my heart was seeking more. I eventually left my hometown and flew 808 miles north to work as an account manager for a medical company, where I am now.


Currently, I am working with the biggest companies in the world and working as one of the top account officers in our company today. I still believe that working at that age was the best experience in my life because it had taught me all I needed to know now and I will forever be grateful that my family believed in me the way they did. If it were not for my family pushing me as hard as they did, I would still be that shy little girl in the corner. I would still have that stage fright that always made me mess up.

Sometimes, all we need is a little push or maybe even a shove for us to see our own potential. I am here to say that it is important to find the support that you need. A family does not have to be people related to you; it can be your friends. A family is where you feel supported and loved. So look for your family and make sure to reach your potential. It is never too late to be the best version of you and in case no one has told you yet, I believe in you.



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