Lockdown: How To Successfully Work From Home

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At this time, we have no choice but to stay at home. Companies in the US have resorted to working from home because of the Corona Virus, or what experts tagged as COVID-19. Those are the lucky ones since some have gone on forced leave because their companies are in total shut down.

So, what do you do now that you have to work from home while your kids run around you in circles? Oh, yes, I know the feeling. There is a solution, though. You can successfully work from home if you do these things:

Organize your schedule for the day.

It does not mean that once you start working from home, you will not be “working” per se. Maintain the balance – work time is separate from home time. If there is no lockdown, what do you normally do? You go to the office at nine and come back home by six, right? Adjust your schedule. Organize it, hour for hour, to keep you on track.

Let’s say, you are up by eight and ready breakfast for everyone. And then, talk to the kids about your work time. By 9, you’re on the laptop or PC up to 11. Then, take a break. Spend time with the kids/spouse and do some chores. You have to work again at 1 pm, and then take a coffee break by 3 pm. By 3:30 pm, you are back on the desk, until your work ends by 5. It is necessary to tell everyone at home that this is your schedule, and you need them to be away from your work desk unless it is necessary for them to disturb your work time. You can set up a “you-can-disturb-me-if-this-happens” list for the kids.

Set up your work desk.

If you are working from home, then you need to set up your home office. There must be a work desk, a work chair, your PC or laptop, your files, your notes, papers, pens, and all the other things you need to function properly during your work time. Steer clear from the TV or the bed. Your work desk must simulate your space at the office.

Source: pexels.com

Be computer savvy.

You have to learn how to use various software programs at this point. There is no tech support to help you physically, and so, to keep your work going, learn it. If your PC or laptop breaks down, or when your internet is not functioning well, how can you work? Navigate your way through these issues and continue to be productive.

Discipline is necessary.

Once you have created your schedule, follow it. Do not be tempted to watch the new movie on Netflix or to overeat. Also, stop looking at the bed or babying your mini pincher. You have balanced your day on work and rest, right? Do it. As for the kids, set up a schedule for them as well and keep on track. Self-discipline will work wonders at this time.

Source: pexels.com

Harness your communication skills.

You will find that a lot of people will get lost in translation since work is done remotely. To evade that, you have to harness your communication skills. You need to convey your message as clearly as possible to workmates, clients, suppliers, and everyone who comes into contact with through instant message and email. Ask their confirmation just to be sure that they have understood what you have just relayed.

On your breaks, go out and breathe fresh air.

This is the best part of the program – when you can get some fresh air. It is very depressing to be on lockdown and knowing that thousands of people are dying each day because of COVID-19. But at this time, all you can do is keep safe and stay at home. Be grateful that you and your family are healthy.

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