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The CGA accreditation process offers an excellent opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge needed to become an accounting professional, a CGA. The CGA NWT/Nunavut delivers the national Certified General Accountants program of professional studies, a program widely recognized for its unique blend of distance education and accounting excellence. Our students must meet rigorous standards that require both in-depth theoretical knowledge and intensive practical experience.


For the first time in the history of the CGA organization the CGA brand mark has been adopted for use by all of the CGA associations across Canada. It has been designed to promote the designation rather than individual associations and to convey the character and professionalism of Certified General Accountants, reflecting the CGA professional identity and distinguishing CGAs in the accounting and business marketplaces.
The brand mark symbolizes who we are as accounting professionals, communicating our progressive approach and clearly distinguishing us from other accounting designations. The curved line represents the global horizon, indicating that CGAs are positioned for success in the global economy. The extension of the right foot of the letter A subtly suggest forward movement, stepping into the future. 

A solid and modern font is used for the letter C, G and A, indicating that the designation is both well established and contemporary and the dark blue colour reinforces the impression of integrity, authority and established professionalism.